Our experienced team offer expert advice, management and support to help our clients seamlessly integrate IT and Data works within a larger project scope



ALS utilise over 25 years of combined experience to deliver highly successful IT & Data projects – with a positive and responsive culture. From project initiation, ALS will develop the most efficient and all encompassing project approach which includes offsite configuration , installation, decommissioning, refurbishment, parts resale and disposal services to suit each individual customers requirements and budgets.


Project Management

The ALS in house team of  experienced project managers work closely with customers on project scope, time, cost, quality, programming and safety to provide the best possible solution that meets specific needs and budgets


The ALS secure facility in Birmingham provides a 24hr manned and managed service to store and consolidate your items , with the ability to support all of your staging, pre-assembly and insurance requirements


The ALS UK wide transport network offers vehicle monitoring, progress reports and route planning to keep our customers up to date whilst items are on the move.

Multi-skilled teams enabling complete solutions for projects regardless of size and complexity

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